Stocks that win either way

In times where  media headlines are fueling the fire of Trade issues, I am happy to have the below resilient assets.

Visa is just collecting a fee on transactions done by individuals and businesses and doesn’t care if you are Chinese / American/ or from South Africa.


v global


Johnson and Johnson conglomerate is operated by 260 companies and sells products in virtually every single country on the planet. it truly is a well diversified products & services portfolio.


audacity jnj


Brookfield Asset Management is specialized in Real estate and is a fantastic alternative asset option



bam alternative assett

Be aware of secular bull markets

Investing is a marathon, you will run through rain, snow, scorching heat, and perfect conditions. What matters is in what shape you will cross the finish line. There is a good chance we are 6 years into a long secular bull markets see below picture.

we crossed the 2000-2013 stalemate into a new secular trend

secular bull market



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