MY 2017 recap

2017 has been quite amazing for me in terms of total return I can’t complain:

  1. another 20% + total return on my portfolio
  2. getting closer to being mortgage free 🙂
  3. initiated position in Visa & MasterCard, Church & Dwight stock. After cashing some capital gain on Verizon stock and liquidating my General electric position.
  4. started to read Poor Charlie’s almanack as in Charlie Munger …. Warren buffet partner.


be well & get wealthy. Remember time is the most valuable asset, don’t waste your money on crap that don’t produce any income.


General Electric my worst investment ever

Yes it happens even when you think you have done your homework. Financials looked good when I got into the stock a few years back. I thought the conglomerate had some narrow moat attached to it which would be good enough to sustain good business growth. I was wrong, I had to sell all my stocks yesterday swallowing around 1200$ of capital loss. This event is just another reminder that forecasting earnings and profitability is not a science. It also shows how much competent and strong Management can make the difference. For all I know if I had chosen GE competitor Honeywell I would feel much better today. As you can see on the graph below…. one of those woulda coulda shoulda moments 🙂




MY updated annualized returns since 2013

I am very proud of my performance in terms of Total return since 2013. See below

the last 2 lines are the S&P 500 benchmark in CDN$ and US$, line 1& 2 are very recent accounts and it is normal that at this stage of the bull market I don’t get the same returns.

one of my account beats the S&P 500 by over 12% on average since 2013, which is for me a very big accomplishment. It really proves that if you do your homework professionally you can get much better results.

total return since 2013

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