Alimentation couche-tard : Give me that bag of chip !!

I have previously quoted the exceptional destiny of Alain Bouchard. You can read his book “Daring to Succeed“ this will give you a taste of what entrepreneurship is about.

I have bought some stocks @ 74$cdn/ Share I was not excited about valuation but I see this investment as a long term growth play.


This Chain is now only second to 7/11 for convenience stores and look at their financials.

atd f


atd f2


palapapapa I AM LOVIN IT 🙂


Went shopping for some good long term total return

I bought some FDX

FDX @ 176$/Share


why: fears of tariffs and the economy slowing down are I think a bit overdone and this quality name has been for the last few weeks to cheap to ignore for long term returns.


Good Economic moat check

The company is on a duopoly situation with UPS. Competition at there scale is really limited and that is good for margin and share retention for global shipments.


financials are strong and the dip on the price is a blessing for long term investors

financial fdx summary


Initiated a position in Goldman Sachs



gs logo

I recently initiated a position in Goldman Sachs for several reasons. I believe the recent Malaysian scandal created a lot of fear about the possible financial repercussions of this 1 billion dollar fraud. In any cases this issue could drag for years in courtrooms and will probably be resolved off court by mutual agreement.

The company still execute in key metrics. They buy back their shares over time / EPS wen down this year because of specific provision tax and it will resume upward fairly shortly.



Also their trading division is making a lot of money see below graph. impressive stats!!

trading revenues

Valuation is really to cheap to ignore. If Warren Buffett adds to his position @ 236$/ share I am Happy to buy Goldman Sachs @ 198$/share!!


The company is also looking to grow in daily banking with for example a recent partnership with apple for Credit card, that will be announced soon. The key thought here is that Goldman Sachs will still do well in any given economy or markets.


The dividends are also headed in the right direction for long term income lovers 🙂


dividend gs





I have recently raised cash on my accounts and would like to eventually deploy that into 3 main targets.



  1. MMM : I would love to buy some shares at a price of 185-190$ a share.
  2. MCO: Anything around 150$/ share would be great
  3. ITW: Interested at 130-135$ range.

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