Mastering the Market Cycle

This Book from Howard Marks a well known fantastic long term investor is a Must Read for any investor who wishes to understand and master the phases of the market cycles. Buy this book for 25 $ and retrieve a knowledge that will be bring a lot more.

howard marks

keep your emotions in check

I wanted to share the below to illustrate that you should stay away from to much information and media consumption.


Stick with your long term strategy and ride the cycles it is one of the easiest way to win !!!


if you watch to much media you will go nuts



Stocks that win either way

In times where  media headlines are fueling the fire of Trade issues, I am happy to have the below resilient assets.

Visa is just collecting a fee on transactions done by individuals and businesses and doesn’t care if you are Chinese / American/ or from South Africa.


v global


Johnson and Johnson conglomerate is operated by 260 companies and sells products in virtually every single country on the planet. it truly is a well diversified products & services portfolio.


audacity jnj


Brookfield Asset Management is specialized in Real estate and is a fantastic alternative asset option



bam alternative assett

Be aware of secular bull markets

Investing is a marathon, you will run through rain, snow, scorching heat, and perfect conditions. What matters is in what shape you will cross the finish line. There is a good chance we are 6 years into a long secular bull markets see below picture.

we crossed the 2000-2013 stalemate into a new secular trend

secular bull market



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