Books about investing I enjoyed reading

Today I am posting a recommendation for 2 books I enjoyed reading.

Get rich Carefully by Jim Cramer

In each of the chapters Jim explains how to do your homework and go through a checklist before making an investment decision. He shares with you real situations that happened to him or people he knows. The book is very accessible, don’t need to be a stock market pro to understand his reasoning. He explains the mechanics of each sector of the economy and how stocks react differently on any step of a business cycle.

”The two chapters I enjoyed the most were “Seven Major Themes Built to Last” and “What Matters? What Doesn’t? What We Should Care About.”


 Stock for the long Run by Jeremy Siegel. 

This is more of a technical book, that studies the historical behavior of the different asset class. Again his reasoning is very easy to understand especially because he’s providing a lot of striking charts like below.



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