7 Keep in Mind Principles

I live in Montreal and currently manage my own RSP,TFSA,CRI accounts with RBC online investments tools. I started with 10 000$ in 2007, and after reading a lot about investing and practicing frugality in my life, I was able to save a substantial percentage of my income to invest in quality dividend paying stocks.I will share the progression of my journey on this platform on a regular basis.

What do I mean by strong Roots? I have been successful so far by respecting a few rules. By doing so, you avoid getting into trouble with your capital and you tend to keep your rational and execute well designed strategies.

  • Only Invest in dividend paying stocks.
  • Valuation is important.
  • Growing free cash flow is MANDATORY
  • Economic moat is a MUST
  • In the long run, dividend growth is more valuable than yield.
  • Speculators try to time the market, Investors Own Businesses.
  • Be cold blooded, don’t let market volatility get the best of your judgement.

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