Added to CME & BPY holdings

I recently added to my existing holdings in CME & BPY.

I like fee bearing business where there is no extensive capital cost to run the company & no credit risk.

They offer very good growth potential & distribute a quarterly and annual dividend.

I felt that the recent pull back was not fundamentally justified and strongly believe in the long term success of this Group. So I acquired shares @ 163$/share

cme stock

I have added to my BPY position as well ( part of BAM )

Brookfield property partners


This one is not going to be undervalued forever


bpy stock

Bank of New York Mellon: we collect fees with no credit risk

I recently bought some stock of this bank. In reading the annual report I really liked many aspects of their different businesses.

bk logo

Bank of New york mellon


  1. Net income is going up & share count is going down thanks to share buybacks.

  2. EPS is going up, profitability is gaining traction.

  3. 80% of the revenue is fee based, they don’t take credit risk and that is a big +

  4. they raised the dividend by 18% this year and their payout ratio is only 26% = it’s a safe and long term growing dividend.

fy bk




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