Apple stock is still a screaming long term buy with a progressing Moat

Sometimes you have to summarize the facts with 1 graph and a few words. I would like to share the P/E ratio chart for apple’s stock

apple pe

As you can see here the multiple is lower than in 2007 when the price of the stock was a lot cheaper. Of course the annual revenue explosion from 10 billion $ to 200 billion $ explains one part of it. But back in 2007 the balance sheet of the company was much weaker and the economic Moat it held was uncertain. After some aggressive share buybacks, dividend increases & an installed base of more than 1 billion users, this could be one of the most in your face screaming buy.


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Early retirement with not much efforts



In this article I will show why a disciplined mind can achieve financial freedom with daily logic behavior. I will show with numbers why a lazy mind will never be able to achieve freedom, which is a very important asset.

Tom is 35 years old engineer who makes 70 000$ a year. However he doesn’t understand the power of compounding and thinks it doesn’t hurt spending little amounts on a regular basis. So he spends

4$ a day at Tim Hortons ( coffee bagel combo every morning)/ 80$ a month

12$ for lunch a day ( when an equivalent home prepared meal would cost a fraction of that). 240$/Month

150$ Hockey ticket per month because his sports team is a religion.

100$ week for restaurants because …. he can afford it. 400$/month

200$ a month on shopping and buying junk he will forget he bought a few weeks from now.

TOTAL COMES OUT TO 1070$ a month. He cares little about investing in assets and has a total savings of 20 000$.

After 25 years of investing 20 000$, he has 155 000$. But the landing is brutal, because the amount can’t produce enough income to support the lifestyle he’s been able to enjoy with his comfortable salary.

Johanne is a 35 years old teacher who makes 47000$ a year. She understands the difference between an asset & a liability. She understands Assets eventually builds freedom. She’s been able to save 50 000$ since her 1st paycheck.

She makes her own coffee at home and makes her own muffins for the morning.

She Cooks her meals for the week on Saturday morning for the following week.

She goes to restaurants for birthdays or special occasions.

She shops responsibly and understands credit card debt is a liability.

Although she earns less than Tom, She’s able to save 700$ a month and invests it in growing assets that distribute income. ( stocks, corporate bonds, etfs)

She builds the following asset value after 18 Years. At age 53 she realizes those assets generate enough for her basic needs and decides to spend time for her hobbies.


Tom on the other Hand is still over consuming and realizes he will never be able to retire decently….. the good news is that he enjoyed this lifestyle while it lasted.

Building Assets early means you respect the power of compounding, and you value your time more than consuming.



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